Changing colors in the round

Is there a way to switch to a new color without it coming out uneven?

If by uneven, you mean having a true stripe instead of a spiral, you’ll want to change colors at the beginning of your round, as I’m sure you marked that with a stitch marker! :slight_smile:

well you are still going to have that little jump if you just change the color at the beginning (or pretty much anywhere for that matter) because you are working in a spiral. Here is a link that will help you avoid that…

I have a tip for that jogless jog…make sure you knit the first stitch of the new color EXTRA TIGHT…or when you pick it up again at the beginning of the next row, it might leave a hole.

Doesn’t Zimmerman say that knitting into the back loop of a loose stitch will tighten it up?

OH! I wonder if that will work for the jogless jog??? I used it on my Summer Swing where I added the 3 rows of garter between the skirt and ribbing, and got a little bit of a hole. Im gonna try twisting that st the next time! Thanks, Aidan! You are a VISIONARY GENIOUS! :heart:

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