Changing colors in the middle of rows

HI All

I’m new to the site, but it has helped me out some. I wouldn’t say I’m a new knitter… but I’m not exp either.

I am a book learner… and have only done knitted blankets… well I’m breaking out of all that.

What I am working on right now is a single square with 1 letter in the middle of it.

I made the pattern myself and it is as follow:

CO 42 st

K 12 rows
K/P 12 rows

this is where it gets tricky…

On the next 44 rows in the middle is the letter. The main color is green the letter will be red.

The red is suppose to be the opposite of what ever the row is I’m working on… (IE if I’m P it (the letter/red) is K, if it’s K the letter is P).

I’m having a hard time starting the new color. I don’t want to cut anything due to the fact that at the end of the red I go back to the green. The longest red row I have is 16sts.

It was going to be all one color… but my boyfriend talked me into the two color idea.

Any help would be appreciated.

Sounds like you need to use/learn intarsia. You wouldn’t have to cut the yarn, but you’ll have to learn how to wrap it so there won’t be any holes. It won’t be pretty on the back, but the front should look nice. :wink: