Changing colors and stockinette stitch pattern

I am working on a simple scarf that has numerous color changes (stripes). I think I have figured out how to change colors. But the pattern calls for 8 rows or a stockinette stitch in color A and then 2 rows of stockinette in color B and so on. Does 2 rows of stockinette mean two rows (one knit, one purl) or four rows (one knit, one purl is one row of stockinette; one knit, one purl is the second row). When I started color B and just did one row each of knit and purl, the row didn’t seem thick enough. I hope this makes sense.

Any advice would be great!


A row is a row. Once across. So two rows of stockinette would be one knit row and one purl row.

If you don’t think the stripe is thick enough, though, change it. It’s your scarf, after all. :wink: