Changing color

This may be kind of a dumb question but I’ve seen a lot of patterns where there is a grid to knit in a different color,eg. I have a pattern for an afghan called the cat’s meow with different pictures of cats on the individual squares. some of the grids have just one stitch on a given line. What method of changing color do you use for that? :thinking:

What I do is, a few stitches before the change, I catch the contrast color under my working yarn so it’s secure when I get to the different-colored stitch. After the stitch, I catch the cc for a few rows again.

Ingrid, I’m not sure what catching the contrasting color means. Thanks as always for your excellent help.

I was hoping you did, since it’s hard to explain. I don’t even know if it’s an official technique. When I approach a color change where I have to add new yarn, I insert my needle, but don’t wrap right away. I lay my yarn with the end pointing toward me and knit the next stitch. Then I bring the little tail that was laying over the yarn over to the back and twist it around the next main color yarn.

Then, when that is secure, I insert my needle, bring the cc color yarn up over the right needle point from the back, wrap my stitch, take off the cc color and knit the stich. This is a technique that I did read about–trapping yarn.

Wow thanks for the explanation. I’ll try this out when I get home. If its at all possible would you mind posting a picture? Thanks for all the help, every time I post a question you are the first person to the rescue. :smiley:

I tried to take some pictures, but it’s hard to hold the knitting and the camera.

After the first stitch of attaching the yarn, bring the little tail to the back and make sure it gets twisted up in the next stitch. Then use the main strand of the new color and do the trapping. After you wrap the yarn for the trapping, you wrap for your stitch and remove the color. By some miracle it gets caught. You can do this until you get to when you use the new color and for a couple of stitches after.

Here are some pictures of the finished stitch, front and back.

And the reason I’m ususally the first to answer is that I’m very good at avoiding my household duties and spend waaaay too much time here and on the couch with my needles!

Ingrid thanks so much for taking the trouble with the pictures. I’m going to have to sit with the knitting in front of the computer to work it through. I’m pretty sure that with your prior description and with the pictures I’ll be able to do it :thumbsup: Maybe Amy could make a video of this since it seems so handy for the types of situations that I wrote about. :smiley:

No problem–gave me something constructive to do today! :wink:

Ingrid, that sounds a lot like what we hookers do when switching colours or hiding ends as we crochet! I wasn’t even sure if that would work in knitting, but apparently it does. How neat!

You’re a hooker? :roflhard:

Yup. Me an’ a group of ladies over ot Crochetville, we’re the Bad Hookers. Using our hooks for good AND evil. Don’t even ask about the Unholy Thong For Hated SIL.

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Ya’ll are some funny folk…

Great photos Ingrid!! :thumbsup: Right now I’m working on my son’s sweater mainly green with orange stripes… I’ve noticed that when I change color I have one orange st where its suppose to be green or a green st where its suppose to be orange… all I do is wrap both together to change is this why? Will this stop it from happening? TIA

If you’re working in the round, you’re really working in a spiral, so the stripes don’t line up exactly.

If you’re working straight, you know how sometimes the first stitch gets pulled around? Maybe the other color from the last row is wrapping around. I’m not really sure.

Ingy, you have SUCH nice NAILS!!

Ever since I stopped wearing nail polish and started taking a full complement of vitamins, I have to cut my nails when they get in the way of typing or knitting. They are tough!!

Thanks Ingrid, I’m knitting it in the round got my 2nd orange stirpe on tonight… the green was growing on me till I added the orange… Just keep telling myself but remeber his face when ya told him it was ya’s day out and he picked that yarn out then wouldn’t let it go!! LOL that gets me passed the colors :lol: He saw the snake scarf wants the same colors… :rollseyes:

They love them best when they helped to “design” them. Maybe for the snake you could take him out shopping again–steer him in the direction of colors you want to look at for four or more feet of scarf!

Kinda a scared of what color he will pick out next :shock:

I did ask him earlier and he said in his age 5 going on 25 voice well… let me see… came into here grabbed some yarn from my stash… how about this lime green cotton, and a variety yarn of bright yellow, orange, green, and purple :lol: