Changing color question

I’m working on the ballband dishcloth, and since I don’t have much experience changing colors in knitting, I was just wondering if I’m doing it right. The pattern alternates between two colors, 2 rows of color A and 3 rows of color B. I’ve been cutting the yarn of A and tying on B, etc., so there are lots of hanging threads on one side I assume I’ll have to weave in and cut off when I’m done. Is that how it’s done? When I look at finished examples on ravelry they all look so neat and I wonder if there’s not an easier way. Thanks for your help!:muah:

I tend to be a little lazy when it comes to ends… if there are 3 rows or less between color changes i just drop the color i’m knitting with and pick up the new color and carry the color up the sides instead of snipping it each time.

Yes, with the ballband dishcloth there are few enough rows between colour changes that you don’t need to cut the yarn, you can just drop it, pick up the new yarn and knit with that, then pick up the first colour when you need it.

Make sure to always pick up your new color from behind so the wraps are neat on the edge. Also, allow enough slack so you don’t end up with a trapezoid (one tight edge, one loose). Check that the tension is balanced on both starting/ending edges.


And there are videos here that can help you learn to change colors without tying knots in your yarn. Look under “join.”