Changing color on garter row within stockinette

Good evening. I am frustrated. Trying to knit handwarmers using circular needles, with stockinette in gray, then change to pink to make a garter stitch “bump” row, then go back to stockinette in gray. I can’t figure out how to get the little dots of the gray from showing up within my pink garter stitch row. I’ve tried several ways, but still not working. Anybody out there that can help me? Thank you in advance! ;D

Try knitting one row then purl a row. If it’s only one garter ridge you then knit a row of the gray, etc… I think that’ll work. If it doesn’t I’ll break out my needles and give it a try.

Thank you so much. I’m going to give that a try and I will let you know if it works!

Hi Jan, I just tried your suggested method and it almost works, but leaves a row of knit in pink showing just before the row of garter stitch. You’ll see the first two rows of garter where the dots of gray show through. I must be doing something wrong. I wonder if I make my test on circular needles if it would make a difference. I’m still just a little confused. I sure thank you for your help. I’ve tried to attach a picture. Thanks, Jan Yechout

I found the ridge stitch and it will make the look I wanted.
See the top of attached test piece. Again, thank you for helping me!

Retrying attaching link to new picture:
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I got your PM. That top ridge looks perfect. What did you do to get it? It may work differently when working in the round though since you aren’t working on the back at all.

I’m sorry, I just saw this reply from you. Now it’s been so long ago I can’t remember where I was with the photos I uploaded or how I finally got the ridges to work. I am trying to figure our how to attach a photo of the final project, but so far don’t see where to do that. Thanks!

New forum so I’m not sure either. I figure it out and let you know!

Oh! I think I got it. Make sure your photo is just the link to the photo though not the site. You click on the upload icon. It’s the bar with the up arrow in the toolbar when you’re replying.

Okay, I’ll try that!