Changing color of yarn

Hi everyone ! I’m knitting an afghan in a box stitch the pattern says
Row 1 k2. P2 across
Row 2 k2. P2 across
Row 3 p2 k2
Row 4 p2 k 2
That’s the pattern
For 68 rows

Then you change colors
Row 69 with contrasting color knit ( this is the first row of the pattern)
Beg row 2 of pattern work 67 rows in box stitch

I thought row 69 meant knit across but that changes the pattern for one row. After doing it this way the front side the color merges nicely into the next color but the back shoes this purl row in a long line didn’t look right I tried continuing the pattern on row 69 and picking up row r like it says now the line is on both sides but hubby says it looks better

I’m just wondering how you all interpreted phe pattern with the color change. Sorry a little wordy.

There is nothing you can do about the purl bumps showing the color change on the back (unless you are *double knitting). That’s just the way a color change works. The reason they have you do it with a row of knits across the front is that the front will look nice as you’ve noted.

*Double knitting creates a double layered fabric. Both sides look nice, but the blanket will be very thick and heavy and it’s a lot more work.