Changing color in the round

Hi all…I am working on a project (joined in the round) that calls for switching MC to CC every fourth row…When I begin a round with the new color, I have a gap at the beg of prev row…Is there a “trick” to starting a new row? Thanks

Here’s a video with tips for making “jogless” stripes or color changes. You don’t have to watch the entire show. The color change is in the very first part

Wow…very nice video! Thank you:muah:

I just re-watched this video…it is very nice…(I love her knitting technique too)! One question, Do you only “slip” the second round of your work? Or do you slip all rounds after the first?

Just slip the st when you are changing color. Knit around on the following rounds.

So, to be clear, you slip the FIRST stitch of the new color? Is that correct?

Then, you knit all remaining rows of that color as you normally would?

Please clarify.


Knit around with the new color and when you get back to the first st of the new color (the one that began the round), slip it.

What a great video and can that girl knit!

I’m telling you, if she weren’t talking while she’s knitting, I’d say they had it on fast forward!