Changing color in circular knitting

Hi all–

I am in the process of doing my first ever knitting in the round project (it’s a K2P2 ribbed hat) and I need some questions answered.

  1. I have read that there is a right and a wrong way to change colors when working in K2P2 ribbing–what is the “right” way?

  2. I have also read somewhere (wish I remembered, sieve-head that I am) that there is a trick to changing colors when working circularly so that there is not a noticeable “step change” from one color to the next. What is that trick and how do I do it?

Thanks a bunch!


The technique for avoiding the step when changing colours in the round is the jogless jog.

As for the right way to change colours when ribbing. I don’t know, I just start knitting with the new colour and weave the ends in later OR if there are a lot of colour changes I might weave in the ends as I go to avoid a lot of weaving at the end. I’ve never had a problem with it.