Changing circular needle size

A new knitter, just started working on a hat - which will be felted. I have completed the first two lines of instructions (okay, so I have REALLY just started), and the instructions say to change from 10 1/2 needles to 11 needles. I have changed straight needles - no problem, but is it done the same way on circular needles? The yarn is feeding from the right needle when you start knitting with the size 11? It will all work out?

When you get back around to the first stitch, assuming you’ve marked it, just start knitting with the right needle of the new circs, to orient yourself. Then, when you get back around to the beginning, you will find yourself at the end of your other circ. Knit the last stitch and drop the other needle. Easy to demonstrate, harder to describe… hope that helps.

Thanks. That makes a lot of sense. I thought as much, but this early in the am, I couldn’t visualize it.

Love the kitty pics. . . .