Changing a straight knit pattern to in the round pattern

Can anyone help me? I’m trying to make some Barbie clothes and would like to make then on dpns. That way I don’t have to sew seams.
I appreciate any help i can get. Thanks:knitting:

Do you have some flat knit patterns you want to convert? The basic idea would be to cast on enough for the front and back, then work in the round to the armholes where you’d work them flat with the same shaping. The shoulder seams can be done as a 3 needle BO. If there’s sleeves, you can pick up sts around the armholes and with short row shaping knit the sleeves in the round too.

I’m not sure how to keep in pattern. I know it’s probably a simple thing, but I’m confused! Dah!! Is it every other row…chg the knit to purl or the purl to knit?
The pattern reads:

Knit for 3 rows so I change to knit, purl, knit?
row 1 knit so I change to purl
row 2 purl change to knit
row 3 knit change to purl??

You don’t change every row, just the one’s that would be the WS. So if row 1 is the RS row, knit it, and also row 2. The way it’s written sounds like plain stockinette stitch. When knitting flat, you work on the WS, but you don’t do that in the round, so you would knit every round.

Thanks so much Suzeeq. I knew it had to be simple! :thumbsup:

I don’t think its going to matter much to Barbie but garments that are made to be seamed have extra room built in for the seams. If they are knit in the round that should be eliminated.

Eliminating 4 sts usually only amount to less than an inch except for bulky yarn, so I don’t it’s that necessary to do that even in a people sweater. And for kids, an extra inch would be a good idea anyway.