Changing a pattern

I wasn’t sure if this was a “how to” or a “pattern” forum question so I figured I’d start here.

I have a pattern I use to knit wool pants for my cloth diapered infant and I love it. I used worsted weight wool most of the time and size 7 needles.

I found a great kimono and pant pattern that I’d like to use to make an outfit for DD for the spring.

Should I follow the pattern and just add short rows to increase the bum? I’m not sure it’ll fit over a cloth diaper as it calls for size 3 needles!

Could I use my own pants pattern and change the size of the needles for the kimono? How would I adjust accordingly?

Kimonos pieces are just rectangles, so that should be easy to make on larger needles & fatter yarn. You just need to swatch or if you already made something in the same pattern,yarn & needles-just measure that. And use it to calculate how many stitches to cast on.

The pants are more tricky. It depends on how much shaping is involved. It would probably be easier to look for a plain pant pattern written for size US#7. And adjust that to add the patterned stitches you like from the set.