Changing a pattern to Knitting in the Round

I want to make this pattern, Earthtone Wristwarmers, but I want to be able to knit them in the round rather then flat and sewing them up. Is there a way to do this?


Yes, cast on 2 sts less because of the seam sts, change the even numbered rows to knit, on row 3 don’t do the k1 at beg and end of the row (the seam sts), on row 7, start and end with k2 instead of k3. Same with rows 67 and 71 - knit one less st at the beg and end of row. For the thumb opening, just BO 8 sts, then on the next round, ignore the gap, you’ll need less sts there anyway as your hand is smaller above the thumb than below it.

Thank you! I can’t wait to get started on these. :slight_smile: