Changing a pattern to a different gauge?

I want to make this sweater pattern for my husband. It seems pretty basic, but there is no way I want to knit this sweater on a size 3 or 4 needle. I’m thinking more like an 8, lol. Can anyone covert this pattern for a heavy worsted weight yarn? Like 5 stitches to the inch or so.

I don’t think I’m good enough to change the gauge on a sweater to that degree, but there are other ribbed sweaters out there that might meet your needs better. has lots of sweaters. Here is another knitty pattern that has a larger gauge.

I saw that one, but my husband doesn’t like it as much.

I did see that one, but my husband didn’t like it as much. I will check out the other link though. Thanks.

You want to knit heavy worsted on 8s to get 5 sts/inch? 10s might be easier unless you want a really dense knit. What you can do is knit a different size that’s close to the gauge you get. That is sts/inch time inches = stitches. Find a smaller size that’s close to what you get.


If interested, here’s a very easy program that’ll change gauge for you:

Just follow the simple instructions. Plug in the orig gauge, and then whatever your new yarn/ndl combo gives you in your swatch. You can calc new sleeve inc’s, as well (or it you need to adjust for fuller upper arm, etc).

Regardless as to what I’m making, be it someone else’s design or my own, I always change the yarn/ndl so have to fig new numbers.

Please note, you’ll need to recalc, via graph charting (most likely) things like armhole decreases, sleeve caps. Actually quite easy if you’re familiar with using knitter’s graph paper. I use this source for that:

ETA: your pattern is quite simple, but if you alter the stitch count to allow for gauge change, you’ll have to acount for the pattern repeat so might have to add/sub a few to arrive at correct number.

HTH. Good luck,


Great links, cam. Thank you.


Okay, maybe it is more of a medium worsted than a heavy worsted. I’m using it on a different project right now and getting about 5 stitiches to the inch on an 8. Anyway, I found another pattern where the gauge is a little bit different, and I might fudge that around. Obviously I’m going to have to try a few things here! Someone directed me to a sweater calculator, I think I might try that too. I’m going to figure this one out to a T before I even cast on a single stitch. :shrug: