Changing a pattern from flat to in the round

So I’ve found a pattern that I’ll die if I don’t make… you know how it is when your eyes land on that next amazing thing that absolutely begs you to make it…

Here it is…the next FO of my dreams…

It seems to me tho, that it would be eaiser to knit this in the round, the main body section. What would you do if you were knitting this? What is the proceedure for changing from flat to in the round?
And, what would be the recomendation of changing from two short straps to one long one? Could I just make the body and strap seperately and then sew the strap on when the body is finished?

Sure, knit it in the round, CO the number of sts you need for both sides. You could also start with strap, make a longer one attached diagonally like a messenger bag.

I don’t know what you mean by attatched diagonally…

Check out the booga bag pattern for an idea of how to do a bag in the round:

Diagonally is across, like \ or / . So you would put one end on the front of the bag at the left corner, and attach the other end on the back at the right corner.