Changing a Pattern for a Felicita Ruana

Hi All,
I found this lovely pattern on the naturallycaron website:
It is really pretty and a picture is worth a thousand words. I want to change it though.

I have two possible changes to the pattern I’d like to make depending on the feedback I get.

I was thinking of knitting it in one piece instead of two and therefore eliminating that ugly seam. I don’t see a problem with doing that, it would just be one long piece. Am I missing a potential problem with eliminating the seam?

Another possibility is to knit two separate wide pieces and then seam them vertically down the back to create a longer back (I don’t like the look of the short back and think it would be cuter if the back were longer). Can any of you more experienced folks comment on the changes I have in mind?


Yeah, I’ve saved this pattern, but I’d knit it in one piece, too. Or you could still do it in 2 pieces, but graft them together instead of seaming, though they use a 3 needle BO. The seam is ugly and spoils what could be a nice wrap. It’s too heavy for the piece, a kitchener graft would look better. And doing 2 wider piece with a seam up the back would work out fine as well. Go for it!!

I think maybe I’ll make 2. One in red and one in a gorgeous blue and do each one differently.

Thanks Sue.

You’re so right, the seam is hideous! I think it would be fine doing it in one piece. Let us know how it turns out!