Changing a hat pattern from flat to round

I am using this forum today like crazy! :hug: Thanks to all your great help…
So, here’s another question for you more experienced knitters…
I am knitting a hat, it’s flat. I wanted to make it a little bigger as the hat says it fits normal to small heads, with no other info as far as making it larger.
I also wanted to know if I could knit this in the round?
I know it will always be the right side of the garment, so do I just do the opposite for the ws rows since this will be on the right side rows? hahah does that make sense?
So if the WS says to k20 p9, do I p20 and k9? Or am I just thinking too far into this? And can this be done?
Also, instead of creating more stitches, can I just use larger needle sizes? Pattern calls for US 8 so could I use US 9 or 10?
Here’s the link to the pattern and I just finished the scarf and it looks great!
It’s a great pattern for beginners and you can memorize this pattern in your first pattern repeat.

Yes, you could do a larger needle size, and the WS rows (which will usually be the even ones) you need to not only knit the opposite way, but the opposite direction too. This one looks like rev stockinette stitch combined with seed st so it’s not easy to explain. What you could do, is knit about 6 rows of the pattern as given on some scrap yarn, then use that to refer to how you would do it in the round.

That’s a really great pattern… too bad I don’t look good in snug fitting hats. I might use it for something else though…

OHHHHHHH… right, thanks, SQ! Sort of like knitting from a chart in the round. I am going to try that out. Yeah, it’s a great pattern and the scarf is sooooooo easy to do, but sort of hate moss stitch now. hahaha

Yeah, a live `chart’. I see the scarf is all moss, you coulda changed it to the cowslip pattern probably, but too late now…

LOL… Yeah, I was thinking about that before I started and I am so tired of moss at this point, that if I don’t have to do one for a few months I’ll be sooooooooooo happy. :slight_smile:

Keep in mind that that flat pattern will have a stitch on each end for the selvage so you’ll want to leave off those two stitches if you knit it round. I learned that the hard way trying to do Half Dome in the round.

Since she wants it a bit larger anyway, she could leave the stitches in.

I was thinking the same thing about leaving the extra stitches, too Sue. That’s what I did when I make the bonnet that I changed to knit in the round instead of flat.

It all depends on your gauge - how many sts/inch you get times how big around it is. I think you’ll be fine.

I’m afraid to click on your link as it froze my computer up last night and all I could do was turn it off. :frowning: LOL But on extra stitches…you need to think about how any pattern stitch, including ribbing will work out in the round. With the ribbing for example you need to end up with a knit next to a purl in K1, P1 ribbing so you need a multiple of 2. If you use K2, P2 ribbing you need a multiple of 4 I think for it to work. The other pattern stitch you mention may need a slight tweaking to get it to go around “seamlessly”.

Thanks for the info all… Try and click onto the link again. It’s an authentic website and also the pattern is free for download in PDF.
I tried to do it and so far it looks great. And funny thing, it’s super easy now since I am knitting in the round, the first to rows (base) are the same now. YAY. So, it’s not too hard. It looks a little small so far, but will know better when I get more on the needles. I guess if it’s really small, I can add a repeat somewhere in the middle.
So far the pattern is working fine and not messing anything up with the design. (as far as I can see) :stuck_out_tongue:

If it’s too small, wouldn’t you want to increase on the band?

HEHEHE… you’re probably right. :slight_smile:
If it is too small, I know what my next question will be!