Changing a Collar

I finished the Flax pullover in August and was looking forward to wearing it this winter but now that the weather is cold enough I’ve found that the neck style rides a little too high up the front of my throat and makes me feel like it’s trying to choke me (it’s not knit too tight I just have a sensitive neck area).
My query is what’s the best way to change out the neck finishing to more of a scoop or v neck so it sits just low of my collar bone. I really love the sweater and it took me waaaaayyyy long to knit and I don’t want to have to just give it away because it bothers my neck. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

This is such a pretty pattern in all sizes! I’ve made a couple of the baby sizes.

Since it’s top down, it’s not so easy to change the collar but it can be done. You can lower the neck, making it more of a scoop using this method:

Just be careful when you get to the raglan seams. Make sure you pick up all the sts.
Definitely try this out on a good sized swatch before cutting into your sweater!

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