Changing a boat neck to a vneck

I have a boat neck sweater pattern, that I would like to change to a v-neck. I have no idea how to make this change! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I don’t want to burst your bubble hun, but that would entail a major rewrite of the pattern. :zombie: It would probably be a lot easier to find a generic v-neck pattern and incorporate your desired stitch pattern into it. Much easier that way.:thumbsup: Here are a couple options on where to look for v-neck sweater patterns.
Hope that helps ya!!

Or you could use the pattern generators at and to make your own top down raglan with a V neck and use the st pattern you want. Top down Vs are the easiest to make.

Dang suz,
I forgot all about knittingfool. That’s n awesome site. Not a lot of pics but very useful.:notworthy:

And lots of stitch patterns for those who don’t have Barbara Walker’s treasuries…

Am I just dreaming, or would it be possible to chart out the top half of the front of the sweater, and chart in a v-neck? I was thinking of trying this with a sweater I’m making… if that’s a bad idea I’d rather hear that now! :slight_smile:

Nah, abbily,
I was thinking about that too but then I remembered that you would have to redo the back also so that the shoulders matched.:slight_smile:
Changing stitch patterns is soooo much easier than changing necklines.

Thank you so much! was very helpful, but it does not tell me when I should start the decrease for the vneck.

Please help! knittwitt

For a top down pattern, you increase. To make a vneck, you would CO sts for the back and sleeves plus 1 st for each front. Knitting flat, you increase along the sleeve lines where indicated every other row, and usually on the fronts only every 4th row. When you get as many stitches on both fronts as you have on the back, then you knit across the fronts, joining them.

I wish to thank everyone for their great suggestions!

I went to and found this site very helpful, although, I am not sure when to start the decrease for the vneck.

Should the decrease start 1-2" after the first bind off for the arm shaping?

Oh, you’re not using the top down pattern; I see now, there’s a couple others. Which is it you’re going to use? Yes separate the front and start the decs for the V a couple inches above the underarm.

True, I didn’t even think of that! Thanks! :slight_smile:

LOL…now that I have figured out what the alterations will be for the back and front. My next question is for the sleeve.

I have to increase the width. The pattern width is 15 inches. Now I need 18 inches, which is 116 st.
The pattern cap is 6 3/4 inches wide. How do I decrease, so that I have the same measurement? Or is the cap supposed to be larger since I am increasing the width?