Changin pattern based on gauge?

ok I have one more question before I can start this afghan…( it will be in a basketweave pattern)

whats the easiest way to change a pattern based on different gauge?:

pattern: 14sts/ 20 rows =4 "

my yarn 20 sts/ 24 rows = 4"

pattern: CO 127

my yarn: CO 181 (I think I did the math right on that one)

one row in pattern: k11, p5, (k15, p5) across to last 11 sts, k11.

my yarn:?

another row : k6, p5, k5, (p15, k5) across to last 11 sts, p5, k6.

my yarn: ?

those are 2 examples of rows out of six different that repeat for this basket weave

thanks…this is a little confusing for me.

The cast on would get you the right width, and you could probably follow the pattern st after you determine how many sts in each repeat. There’s 6 on each end in garter… so you subtract 12 from the CO number. It looks like you need a multiple of 20 (that’s the k15, p5 that you repeat) plus another 15. I think 187 sts would work, it would make it about an inche wider, but you could do the same st pattern as in the original without adjusting.

I see a multiple of 20 + 27, so 147, 167, 187 or 207 for your CO. Your pattern rows will not change from what is written.

The original pattern is about 36 inches wide. To get that size with your gauge, 187 would be the closest.

So, with that pattern, the only thing that has to change is the CO number.

I see a multiple of 20 + 27,

Uh huh, the 20 st repeat, plus 15, plus the 12 edge sts = 20+27.