Changes in brackets

Hi I’m new to the group and also very new to knitting. I wonder whether you could help with this pattern instruction. I’ve
completed the 8th row and have 35 stitches for my size. Now I’m confused this the next 2 instructions in brackets. Why does it say 6th and then 4 numbers in brackets and 53 then 4 numbers in brackets? Which relates to my size?

Welcome to the forum!
It looks like a mistake in the pattern. What is the pattern name?
For your size it’s likely that the increase in at each end of the 3rd and every foll 4th row and then every foll 6th row. You could check with the designer or publisher if you want to be absolutely sure.

Hi thanks for the welcome. I’ve a feeling I may be posting many questions to you all.

Thanks for the advice. I was so confused. If I know it’s a mistake then I can at least make a decision on what to do and complete the same in both sleeves. I think I’ll also contact the producers of the patter as you advice. Thanks so much.