Changes for this site in the works! Could use input

DH is working on a new long-term site design for me. The navigation will be very much the same, with tabs on top, but the LOOK of the site will be pretty different. More tailored for the new logo (wait 'till you see!). I am IN LOVE :inlove: with the new look. Might be a little while, but I thought I’d get you salivating… :slight_smile:

There will be a couple of new sections on the site which I could use your input on!..

One will be a section for my for-sale patterns, and other for-sale items like the CD. I may also be publishing patterns I’ve bought from other designers (maybe from some of you! I’ll post more info on that later). Right now I’d love to hear suggestions for how to organize & present the patterns. Should I release a new batch of patterns all at once, every season, ala Knitty? I love that idea, but don’t know if want to time it seasonally and compete with Knitty’s free patterns! :?? Any other ideas for exciting presentation? Should I just put up new stuff as it comes, every month? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

The other section will be a page that can be a hub for the misc. stuff: my favorite links (knitting web links, books, free patterns, etc.); possibly a live chatroom as an official part of the site; an official KH Knit Along pattern, and maybe some other fun stuff, like a kid’s knitting page. Any ideas as to what to call this section??! It’s so varied, I’m having a hard time thinking of a section name. “Amy’s Favorites” or “Amy’s Page”? (Too narrow?) A general name like “KH Central” would work better, but I’m not sure if I like the name… Help! Any ideas?

Oh yeah, and we’ve got some new emoticons this week, have you noticed? LOL. (How could you miss them? :lol:) Special thanks to Julie who introduced this guy: :roflhard:


I would release new stuff monthly…I get TIRED of waiting MONTHS for Knitty’s new patterns!

Also, I like “KH Comunity” It’s general, but evokes the positive emotional atmosphere you’ve created here, Amy!

“KH Community” is an excellent idea. I would do a “Pattern of the Month” feature with one extra-special pattern. I think that would be less pressure than putting a whole bunch on at once. You could also do a “New Pattern Gallery” for more everyday free patterns which would change on a less frequent basis.

Good luck! :thumbsup:

I love the ideas Amy! Monthly patterns would be great. I’m with Kelly on that one… I hate waiting and waiting for Knitty’s new patterns.

I just thought of something else… maybe something special for regular members… You could hide a link to a special pattern somewhere on the site. Kinda like a treasure hunt. Regulars would be more likely to find it, since they’re here all the time and browsing so many pages. :slight_smile:

That is SUCH a good idea! Plus, that would get newer members to browse more pages than they might otherwise…they might find answers to questions they didnt know they had!

[color=darkred][b]:heart: :heart: :heart: ing it…change is good,…
Hey :waving: …this is all very, very exciting!!
I :heart: :heart: :heart: the idea of the “Official” KH KAL…that would be very friendship and technilogically based!!
The live chat…a must, indeed…bc we seem to do that in some fashion anyway…lol
I think that the CD & pattern sale area is a very good idea and one in which the logo (or whatever is used to get that area’s attention) should [color=red][/color][size=6][/size]POP[size=3][/size] so that the area can’t be missed…but, of course, that it all be done in good taste, in such a way that says…u MUST LOOK HERE…or u will go away wondering what u missed!!
Oh yeah…the pattern…I think a pattern of the month is a good idea…that will, of course, compete with no one else on the net…but be at such a time that everyone is sitting on the edge of his/her chair wondering when that pattern will show…always leave 'em wanting a litttle more, as it were!!
I truly believe that this forum is going to turn into and surpass the ‘Knitty Gritty’ that’s on diy…it’s going to be the KH of the www, with that catchy phrase u r looking for (I’m not talking about changing the site name)…but the ‘community’ area…u know what I mean…and that phrase needs to have a hook, u know like a song…that phrase that u never forget & it sticks in your head…so this name should…u could call it…Amy’s Stitch Club; Let’s explore knitting with amy; amy & friends will keep u in stitches; come explore our commmunity of knitting choices and contemporary voices…and my mind continues to reel but so far i’ve not come up with anything good…i do like the knitting choices & contemporary voices or something along that line…it’s kind of hookin…but not quite… :happydance: :happydance: girl…u got me excited…it’s like watching my friend’s baby grow…and i get to be an auntie (yes…the crazy one that everybody talks about…but…she don’t drink… :oo: could u imaginie if she did…but still…I WILL be KH’s favorite auntie…u just wait & see!!) cause, u know, i’m not one of those :hiding: auntie’s that’s no fun…lol!!
Good luck :balloons: :balloons: my friend…this site is about to soar and :sunny: like the sun…TAKE OFF…I’m happy to help if I can
Your :XX: friend,
Auntie Becka…lol

OMG…that phrase where I said ‘it’s kind of hookin’…i was talking like a word or phrase that’s a hook…gets your attention…not hookin…
:roflhard: :roflhard: didn’t sound exactly like i meant
i need to use that preview button!!

Love the treasure hunt idea. And yeah do once a month. I am sooo jonesin for knitty every season. Like the kids section idea. I really would love to teach in my son’s school or something. Having pictures of kids knittin or fun little things for them would be great. I like the idea of KH community too. Maybe “KH kitchen table?” like women do IRL sit around the kitchen table talking, knitting, holding the baby, etc…

All of these are AWESOME ideas! I like something along the lines of KH Community. And the chat room sounds like a GREAT idea!

I like the idea of new patterns monthly and a knit-a-long would be great. How about some kind of contests every month or something. You could maybe contact vendors about them donating yarn in exchange for a banner or logo advertising the contest?

I’m sure you’ve got plenty of help, but if you need help with anything just let me know. I’d be happy to help out.

Amy, those sound like great ideas.
I really like “KH Community” as suggested.
For the section where you sell your patterns, CDs, etc., how about calling it “Amy’s Boutique?” Sounds elegant!

I like the word boutique…

Thanks everyone, these are all great ideas! They’re helping things to take shape more clearly for me.

The KH Community concept is a good one. I’ll think about that some more. It would definitely contain the forum and chatroom well. Maybe I could call it “Forum & Community” or “Forum & More” or something, so the Forum is still prominent in the tab heading, but then it could have other community elements within that section. I like that! Okay, that would definitely contain the community elements, like a chat room if I do decide to create an official one (still chewing on it). I could think of other exciting content to go in there too. I think that stuff will have to wait a while, so if I do a community section, it will be down the road, when I can also work on other elements I’d like to include.

Okay, I think I’ve solved the rest of the problem in the mean time. I’m realizing something obvious. Since I’ll be moving the Free Patterns section to a less prominent location (sorry, forgot to mention that), I’m realizing I should really just have a “Patterns” section, and put up the for-sale patterns THERE. Don’t you think? People will be looking for a section called patterns! I might have a seperate section for other store items, like for my CD’s and DVD. The reason I was slow to think of a Patterns section, was because I was feeling compelled to put all my for-sale items in the same section. But now I’m thinking I really should feature the patterns on their own page. Just makes sense.

So if I had a Patterns section, I could put a KAL in there. And ooooh, I could just stick my favorite links in the About Me section. Does that cover everything? Hmmmm, this is coming together…


Yes…u r correct, I TOTALLY agree with the ‘patterns’ section; if u had a ‘patterns 4 sale’ AND a ‘free patterns’…what r people going to hit more?! …free, of course!!
Also…chat room does sound like lots more work…grow a bit at a time…nothing (other than jack’s beanstalk) grows completely overnight!!
It’s all very exciting!!

I think that “Forum” and “Community” mean the same thing to on-line people, but “Community” is a friendlier word.

I think you should leave the KAL in the Community section, as it is a “social” activity, but LINK to it from the Patterns section.

I think that free patterns, for-sale patterns, notions and other things-for-sale should go on ONE page (“patterns, notions and sundries”?), under different headings, links or tabs? That way, if folks are searching for free patterns, they cant help but see that you ALSO have things for sale! I think folks might avoid a separate FOR SALE page altogether unless you force them to see that they are there.

Wow, Kelly, lots of ideas worth chewing over here! Good points, all of them.

If I end up expanding the Forum section to a whole community section, then I’ll put the KAL there on its own page. Good idea! I’ll keep that community section in mind; it has a lot of appeal and potential; that’s the kind of section that requires more babysitting and changing content though, so I’ll have to think on it more, see if it’s something I want to do. There’s a lot to consider with putting up for-sale content. Thanks for your ideas on that too!!

Thanks for the feedback everyone! muah (hmmm, we need a smoochy emoticon, don’t we…where to find one…)



Ok stupid question… What is DH? After first i thought it meant Dear Husband…


Not sure if it got suggested but a chat room maybe?


DH for me is darling husband. The “D” may stand for other things for other people and depending on how they feel about husband on any given day. Your equivalent would be “DW” for Darling Wife. Then we have Darling Daughter, Darling Son, “BF” for boyfriend, “BFF” for best friend forever…You’ll pick up the lingo as you go along.

I think the one called “blush” (as opposed to the “oops”) actually LOOKS like a smooch…I use that one sometimes!