Changed yarn (same dye lot) pattern looks different

I just started learning to knit last weekend (totally addicted already :teehee: ) and I have about 12 inches of knitted rows done on a scarf (Lion Brand Jiffy Thick & Quick, Rocky Mountains on size 15 Clover bamboo straight needles). About 4 rows back I ran out of my first ball and switched to my second ball (same dye lot according to the label), but now the color pattern looks different. The rows from the first ball have a sort of random color pattern and the rows from the second ball the colors are lining up. When I joined the two balls I made the join knot on the same color (i.e. yellow-orange from first ball to yellow-orange from second ball), because I thought that would be a good idea.

I did create a practice swatch from the first ball, I don’t know if that has any affect on it.

Does anyone have any idea why this happened?

I asked a friend of mine who has been knitting for a long time and who spins her own yarn, and she said either one ball was opposite the other ball (colors going opposite directions) or the dye lot information wasn’t accurate. I showed it to her on my laptop’s webcam.

Could you try knitting from the opposite end of the newer ball to see if the colors line up the same way? If it’s a different dye lot, that’s another matter, but if the dye lots are accurate, try.

I cut off the yarn, unrolled the rest of the ball, rerolled it the other way, and joined the yarn back on. I have only done a couple of rows, but it does look like that was the problem. This will teach me not to trust that two balls of yarn are exactly the same from the store, including rolled the same way :doh: .

The flip side is I was planning to make this a short scarf anyway, for wearing under my coat collar to keep me warmer, and the unmatched part is right in the center, so it won’t look too bad I think (I didn’t want to pull out those rows) :shrug: .

Hmmm, nope… more rows later and what I have is lined up colors backwards from the previously lined up colors. This is going to be a very weird looking scarf. :shrug:

Are you sure it’s not pooling?

Are you sure it’s not pooling?

After I finished the scarf I took the cut off tails from the practice swatch I made from the first ball and the remainder of the second ball and looked at them. I discovered that the color was more saturated in the first ball and the color lengths were longer. So, the second ball was a little less saturated and the color lengths were shorter. I think that changed the way the colors fell in the pattern. These two balls were supposed to be the same dye lot, so I am not sure how this is possible.

I still like my scarf even if it is a little odd looking :slight_smile: . It’s nice and cozy warm, which is good today since it’s only about 10 degrees outside!