Changed my mind...question though

I have found a hooded cape that I like, but have a question. Here’sthe cape pattern (move the mouse to the bottom right and click on the thingie that shows-it will get bigger so that you can read it), and I was just wondering a) can I just use one color, b) can I or how would I go about getting a fur collar, and c) TIA!!!


I meant to be able to link you to the pic too, but the forum I got the link from is down, so I will do that later.

Well, just from looking at the pattern, I can tell you that a) there’s no reason you couldn’t do it all in one color, just ignore where it tells you to join the new color, b) Do you mean a real fur collar? You could make a faux fur one pretty easily with fabric (they’re getting nicer, softer, and more realistic all the time) or even by using a fuzzy novelty yarn, like this one, and c) hope that helps!

Nope, I meant a fake fur collar, so thanks!!!