Change yarn for a pattern?

Of course I have a question, again. I bought my next sweater pattern, Knitting Pure and Simple #257. I am going to use yarn that is 70%Aplaca and 30% silk. It is a burnt orange color.

The yarn was on sale 5.00 a skein, I could not pass on this , my color and my price.

But I was wondering, does anyone know, could I knit this sweater pattern using two strands of yarn, I was thinking I could add a brown ( a thinner type yarn) with the orange to tone it down a bit. Can a person do this and not hurt the results of the pattern? Maybe give it a heather look.

Thanks for any suggestions.


The main consideration for changing yarn for a pattern is gauge, gauge, gauge. If you can get the correct stitches per inch for the pattern, then you can do whatever you want with the yarn.