Change yarn and sl1

hi guys,

I’m a beginner at knitting and currently knitting a cape/shawl.
The pattern is now instructing to change yarn colour and the first stitch is a slip stitch.
I’m a little confused to how to do this.
Do I sl1 and then change yarn with the next k1 or somehow attach the new yarn while doing the sl1.
Please help or link a video.

Thank you x

You can slip the stitch of the old color and begin the new color with the next k1 as you suggest. You’ll get a little “ear” on the edge where the old color is carried up on that row. You can avoid the ear on this edge by knitting the last stitch of the previous row in the new color. Then when you slip the stitch, it’ll be the same color as the next row.
If you have a slip stitch at the beginning of the next row however, there’s no simple way that I know of to avoid the ear there.