"Change to different size needle"

When a pattern calls for the use of several different sized needles, how do you switch to a new size? My guess is that you start knitting with the larger needle when it tells you to switch – is this correct?



Yup! You’ve got it!

I always assumed thats how you do it.

I guess I do it the hard way. I slip all the stitches onto the new size needle, then slip them back so they can be on the right knit side. :shrug: :zombie:

Mulder, ya don’t need to go to all that trouble. All I do is start knitting with the new size on the row that says “change to size X needles”. That’s it, easy!!! :woohoo:

:doh: :doh: :doh:

Sheesh, I’ve been doing the same thing, Mulder…

If you’re switching from a small size to a larger one, the sts would be too tight to just slip onto the larger size. But you guys probably already found that out…

You get a ruffled effect. What I’ve done to make my scarf is I cast on using the larger needles. It’s not that difficult. Just go slowly when you go from smaller stitches to larger stitches

Live and learn I guess. Pays to read all the posts!:blooby: