Change the decrease

I am knitting a hat from the book: The Knitter’s handy book of patterns I have cast on 114 stitches. The way they decrease makes the top bunched. I want mine smooth. 114 stitches devided by 4 is 28.5, so can I knit 26 k2tog, knit 1 round knit 25 k2tog. knit 1 round, and so on till I’m ready to close the hat.

What pattern are you using… I mean like k2, p2 or ??


I think I would make 6 decreases per round. 6 goes into 114 evenly 19 times. So I would knit 17 and then knit stitches 18 and 19 together. Do that for a round and then knit 16 knit 2 tog. Continue by doing one stitch less between decreases on each decrease round.

That should work. I wonder what decrease they were having you use and why it was puckering, unless they wanted it to pucker. It is possible that decreasing the way I’ve outlined will make the top of the hat longer than the pictured hat if they were decreasing quickly, or maybe they weren’t decreasing at all and just gathering the hat up at the top. Any way I’m just saying that changing things will change things. :slight_smile: But if you think ahead a little you can adjust for those things.

Usually they decrease every other round, but you can hurry it along by decreasing every round, or as needed to get the result you want.

The pattern wanted me to knit 2 k2tog then knit 1 k2tog and then k2tog for 3 rounds. Have you seen the knitter"s handy book of patterns? If your on Ravelry you can see the patterns in the book, but I don’t know how to share on knitting help. Thank you for all your help.

When I do hats I usually try to do a multiple of 10 so it’s easy to figure out.

k8, k2tog around,
k 2 rows
k7, k2tog around
k 2 rows,
k6, k2tog
k 1 row
till there is about 16 sts or so and then I k2tog around till there are about 7 or 8 stitches and I finish it off.

Now this varies based on what you want your hat to look like, the pattern, the # of stitches, how far you’ve already knit before you start decreasing, etc.

this hat? It does look kind of puckery in the pic by itself, but not so much on the head pic.

if you click on the title of the book the pic of the hat is on the cover, I like the book because it helps you make the hat in any size, and gauge that you knit up. I have made so many hats that I have to gift to my female friends because thay don’t fit me. So I was hoping this book would help me solve my gauge problem. I have been knitting for 3 years, and am still having problems with fit, and gauge. As a guy I know I have to make things bigger, and adjust patterns for myself. I figure if I can’t find mens patterns out there I will find any pattern, change the color, and size, and I can make it into a mens item.