Change my pattern to round

I would like to knit my pattern in the round rather than a front and back seperately. It is my DDs patchwork dress and I decided to start it over and make the skirt in the round. The only part of the pattern that I am not sure how to change on the knit side would be the knot stitch. The actual directions are…
RS row5 *sl 1 MC with CC (K1,YO,K1) all in next stitch * repeat (no problem there as it will still be RS in the round)
WS row6 sl 1 MC with CC k3tog tbl * repeat
So how can I change that 6th row if I am going to be doing it from the right side? maybe sl1 and just k3tog regular? or purl3 tog since I was knitting on the purl side hmmm?


Maybe p3tog. You could try it on a sample, just like a swatch in the round… CO slide the sts back to the other end of the circ and leave the yarn loose across the back, knit across the sts. Slide them back and work across the sts the same direction, just as if you were knitting in the round, only across 20 sts or so.