Change from Aran to DK?

I would like to make this in a lighter wool.
Is it possible to change to a Dk wool.
If so - how many stitches would I need to cast on and what is the difference in amount of wool needed?

Thank you.

Do you have a label for the DK yarn you want to use? If so, is there a gauge chart on there? However many sts x rows per 4" square will help you to determine how wide you want the blanket and so how many sts to cast on etc. You can also work out how much yarn you will need if the band says the approximate yardage on the label. You should do a swatch beforehand to see if your gauge matches that of the manufacturer’s.
Good Luck with your project.

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@notknittingknots hit the mail in the head. Sometimes I ask go by the amount called for in a pattern using similar yarn to what I want to use plus an extra skein. Sometimes I make a small (lovey) size to try it out, perhaps using only one color. I think you’ll need extra to be sure you have enough for stripes.

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Thank you - both of you. You have given very wise advice and pointing me in the right way to work it out. :grinning: