Change colors mid-row

I am knitting an afghan for my baby daughter and I need a little help. I have searched the web but the closest thing I get to is changing colors at the beginning of the row. I am wanting to knit a heart in the middle and I have the heart pattern I am going to use but I am stuck on how to start the color change in the middle of the row.

I tried to learn that Fair Isle trick but that didn’t go to well. I am the kind that learn better via video. I would like to make that back so that nothing will be able to snag or get caught on the carry overs. Any ideas ? All and any advice is greatly needed and appreciated. Thanks

here is the chart I am going to use…but I am using worsted weight yarn

The middle part is garter stitch, for a stand out look should I do the heart in purl or knit stitch ?

You can tie a loose knot and just start with the new color. You’ll need a white strand on each side of the heart, though. Make sure when you switch colors you hold the old strand over to the left and bring the new strand up from under the one you’re dropping. The back of any intarsia isn’t perfect, but you can avoid loops by using as many strands as necessary to have yarn that doesn’t need to be carried. In this case, you’ll have to use a third white for the top of the heart.

Intarsia is usually done in stockinette stitch just like the rest of the pattern. You can experiment if you want, though with other stitches. If you want the heart to be garter, then just knit every row of the heart color.

With a garter background, I believe stockinette will show the design more.

For a solid block of color, like the heart, you’ll want to use the intarsia method.

Hope that video helps!

thanks so much for the replies. I have never attempted anything like this before so don’t be suprized if I post more questions. lol yes the video did help and I have bookmarked the site.It is raining here so I plan on knitting all day long. Thanks again for your help.

sorry my first post wasn’t too detailed. I checked out the video and it does help alot but the problem I am having now is this, I am at the spot right now where I want to start the heart so now how do I attach the white (new color ) yarn? Do I need to attach it at the beginning of the row and just carry it over until I need it ? Please be patient with me…this is a first and probaly last time deal. lol

When it comes to intarsia, this is the most commonly asked question. The easiest answer is to just tie a loose knot and start knitting with it. You can undo the knot later and weave in the ends, straightening out any wonkiness that may occur.

ok, I wanted to make sure I was doing it right. I guess I must be a very slow knitter b/c the method seems very hard to me. It looks like I am doing it right but when I go to turn to make another row I get confused all over again.Thanks so much for your help.

ok here is an update. I looked at the video a couple of more times and when I let it run all the way to the end my qusetions were answered. Dont know why I didnt let it run all the way through the first couple of times I watched it,lol
I did noticed that I was wrapping the colors more than I should have been so that I believe led my to get the purl betwmm knit stitches that I have now. I have to get my tension right so I am still working on that part.
This method isn’t as hard as I thought it would be. Just takes longer for me because I dont know how to knit with both hands. I do have one more question… I am using pink and white, trying to knit a heart from the bottom up so what side do I always keep the white (extra color) should the ball be on the right side or wrong side.

Thanks for all the help I have recieved here so far.

For intarsia knitting, which is what your’s seems to be–the heart in the middle of a solid field, you should have two strands of white. One up to the heart, then the pink for the heart, and then another for the other side of the heart.

You shouldn’t have to knit with both hands–I certainly don’t. You’ll knit across with the white up to the pink, knit with the pink, and then again with the white that’s on the other side of the heart. Just make sure you hold your yarn over so you can bring the new color up from under it to avoid the hole.

When you get to the top of the heart where the point is in the middle, you might want to attach a third strand so you won’t have to carry any white across the back of the heart ‘bumps.’ When you’re done with the heart, you’ll be back to all white and just have ends to weave in from the other strands.

thanks for the tips. apparently I am doing it wrong but I will get the hang of it sooner or later.Thanks again.

I got it !! yahoo
Ingrid, your last post really help alot. It is alot easier to knit up to the color change , twist knit to next color change twist and keep going than to try and carry yarn over the back. Believe me I have been trying this every since I started this thread and I finally fot it after getting a tension headache. lol thanks to all I know my little girl will love here blanket.
I recommend that video to anyone trying to learn this technique, it helps alot especially when you watch it all the way to the end.