Change a pattern

I’m knitting a baby blanket. The pattern is knit 4 rows and the 5th row is a pattern row. I want to double the knit rows to 8 before the pattern row. So there would be 4 ridges instead of 2. So my question is should my pattern row be the 8th or 9th row?

Hi, welcome to KH. Knit 8 rows, that will give you double the ridges and you’ll be starting the pattern row on an odd number as in the original pattern which may or may not come in handy later.

It should be the 9th row. The pattern row is the 5th row which is probably the RS row, so you need an even number of rows to keep it on the RS otherwise it’ll be flipping back to the WS row.

What’s the pattern, or the stitch pattern?

The pattern says - the pattern row (row 5) is worked on right and wrong side rows to keep the blanket square: first the pattern row is worked on the right side row, then 4 rows later it is worked on the wrong side row. I’m now working on the pattern row on the wrong side…I think it is correct, but we’ll see. Thanks so much for your help.

Yes, working the pattern row on the 9th and then the 18th rows will have it alternate from RS to WS with 8 rows between pattern stitch rows.