Change 3 Vertical colors

Making a sweater with vertical strips all the way up. The “A” color is 18 stitches, “B” is 12 stitches and “C” is 8 stitches. Need to change color every 18, 12 & 8 stitches. Actually it goes on an angle. The first row the A color is 17 stitches 3 row is 16 stitches so it works up on a diagonal.
What is the best way to handle it? I put the yarn on bobbins. What is the easiest way to work the yarn?? Would I twist the yarn and knit first stitch of the two colors together? The yarn is Glitterspun by Lion Brand. (Acrylic,cupro & polyester). Thanks :??

Check out Amy’s video on intarsia.

Basically, when you change colors, you should hold the yarn you’re stopping over to the left and bring the new yarn up from underneath it. Do this every row, knit and purl, and your yarn will twist automatically and you’ll avoid holes.

You don’t have to do anything other than this–no knitting together. If the yarn is held correctly, you can just start knitting with the new color.

Thanks for your help. The video is wonderful. :muah: