Chain Mail - #36 Twisted Nylon Cord

Here is a far cry for help.

I am looking to make some theatrical chain mail. I have patterns


What I can’t figure out is what #36 nylon cord is. I have been to the hardware store, and can’t find it. They may have something like it, but I can’t figure out the size from #36. I know they are meant to be knit on 11 (8mm) or 15 (10 mm) needles, which indicates chunky size ish…but I am not even sure what I am asking for at the store!

Has anyone worked such a pattern and would be able to help??

Also too, is there a difference between cord and twine, would it make a difference for this pattern??

Thanks in advance!

Cord has a smoothness that twine doesn’t. They use twine for cat scratching post but I would never use it for the project you have in mind. Cord comes in different thickness and #36 must indicate a certain thichness. I haven’t done macrame in years but go to the hardware store and tell them you want #36 cord and they will give you what you need. You could even take the pattern with you and show them the picture I saw and they will understand.