Chain edge sounds easy...BUT

Pattern is in stockinette and says to slip first stitch of each row kwise to create a [B]chain edge[/B]. When I do that on a knit row the slipped stitch and next knit st fall off the needle! I tried slipping pwise on k rows and kwise on p rows to see if that would work but it creates a weird wrapping of yarn around needle. Looked at various videos - not getting it!!

They shouldn’t slip off the needle, however, you can skip it on the first row and begin this with the second row, maybe that’s why. It depends what you do with the yarn, if you slip with yarn in front, then you need to take the yarn between the sts, not around the edge. Knitwise refers to how the needle enters the stitch, not where the yarn is. Maybe this page will help.

I don’t slip the edges, they end up messier and so much looser than just knit or purl the first st, pull the yarn a little and knit the next couple sts a little tighter. And only do it on an exposed edge; if you’re going to seam or pick up sts on the edge, it’s more difficult if they’ve been slipped.

If I need a nice edge I slip the first stitch purlwise with the yarn in front and knit the last stitch. I do this on every row and you get a nice chain edge. Don’t change your method on different rows or it messes it up.

To slip the first stitch purlwise with yarn in front you slip the needle into the stitch point to point as if you’re going to purl and make sure the working yarn is in front of the work.

If the next stitch in the row is a knit you bring the yarn to the back [U]between[/U] the needles.