Cervical fibroid

this i think is about off topic from knitting as i can get.

i have been told tpday that there a strong chance i have cervical fibroid, as i think most people know i live in france and my french is flipping terrible. i tried to understand what the doc was talking about but really struggled. the only person that i know who could remotmy speak enough french si my brother and tbh i dont want him hearing anything like that.

i have googled it and scared myself half to death on all the things they say about it can turn into cancer etc.
I told my mum straight away she said that my gran had the same hting and had to have an emergancy hysterectomy.

i am going to book to see a private hospital back in england, but i cant get there for 2 months. from what i understand this wont make any difference to anything because its not cancerous right now, but un treated it could be.

does anyone know anything about them please coz right now im googling it and scariong myself even more lol


Hi Susi,

I guess anything can become something more serious, but don’t start assuming the worst. I was diagnosed with a fibroid tumour a number of years ago, was told we’d just ultrasound regularly to see if anything needed to be done. Mine actually went away on its own, which my Dr said was rare, but anything’s possible.

Before you do anything, find someone who speaks both languages fluently to help you get appropriate medical care. Best wishes to you!

BTW - When researching my original diagnosis approx. 15 years ago, I came across info regarding tumours in rats caused by Nutrasweet/aspartame. I had been drinking lots of diet pop at the time (trying to lose pregnancy weight), and have stayed away from it ever since.

Hi Susi,
I don’t know anything about cervical fibroids, can’t help you there, but I speak French. If you have questions on terms, expressions, or if you have questions you need to ask to your French doctors and need help in translating them, feel free to PM me. Feeling worried for your health and not being able to get answers in your native language must be very difficult. :hug:

My doctor says to be careful about the internet. It’s hard to know if the information is accurate, and even when it is, it’s hard for you to filter out what is relevant to you from what is not. Of course, there’s nothing wrong in getting some information, but just remember that what you read might not apply to you, and that often only the worst cases are described. :hug: Don’t scare yourself too much!

thank you both for the help and advise.

im over the omg bit now, i only found out yesterday afternoon so was a little shocked to say the least. i went for a routine check up with my gp (i have to have one anualy so i can have a horse riding licence, not atht i ride any more but i like to keep my licence incase i decide to get on a horse again soon). kinda glad i keep it up now lol. my doc has said he thinks it is the fibriods, he thinks there not just on my cervix so its likly to need treatment. he can tell me what until i get to a specialist.
iza, thank you so much for teh translation help, but i still think im better off going somewhere i can 100% understand whats going on.
just had the fun of telling my boyfriend last night, we’ve only been together 7 months and were only talking about the fact he wants a child of his own the night before. he was great about it thankfully.

i’ll update as i know more, but until then im just doing nothing at all, not even going to think about it. just carry on as i did 2 days ago. if theres a problem in the testing i’ll deal with it then

thanks again


:hug: I hope you get to see someone quickly. Just take it one day at time.

:grphug: Take several slow deep breaths.

My grandmother had a uterine fibroid some 45 years ago that was growing fast (her DH and Dr both thought at first she was pregnant), and at that time a hysterectomy was the only option (harder to control bleeding then). It was benign.

My Mom had several but smaller ones that had to come out when she hit her late 30’s (same age as Gran’ma had her hysterectomy)…they were removed without the need for hysterectomy due to improved surgical techniques. They were benign too.

Mom’s operation was 15 or so years ago, and surgical techniques have improved greatly since then as well.

Try to stay calm…going to a doctor who you can understand COMPLETELY is the wisest move you can make right now…and you are doing it. And definitely don’t scare yourself half to death with generic or worst case scenarios on the internet–everyone’s body and circumstances are so different that those scenarios are meaningless. Once you have details on YOUR condition you will be able to do meaningful searches for information.

I have 3 uterine fibroids and the only symptom I have is heavy, heavy bleeding and cramping. My doc told me they are benign but can be a pain in the butt because of the symptoms. Try not to get too panicked about it. It must be so scary to not be able to understand the language when getting news like this. My thoughts and prayers are with you…:grphug:

thank you for the reasurance. im suprisingly calm about it tbh. to me worst case is no more kids, i have a georgous ds so i am truley blessed already. i do feel for my partner though, he desperatly wants a child of his own (ds is from a past reltionship), we were onlmy talking about it the night before my gp told me that he thinks i may not be able to have any more. hes being great but i know it must be cutting for him.

my dads told me he’ll find the money for the hospital treatment (i have no insurance as i cant afford it, false economy)and he’ll pay for the stay in england. i just need to find the money to get there. i can go as soon as i can get an appt if i can. so its a mass ebay job right now lol.
fingers crossed i’ll be able to go this month. just wish the cost of flights hadn’t gone up lol

thanks again


Hi Susie,

I had them terrible. if you don’t do something about it they just get bigger and worse. I was sure i could get them to go away but all i did was get my blood down to nothing. Usually it is a hestorecomy (sp) but unless you are wanting more children or want children it is worth it in the end to have one and get it over with.

they may have other ways to handle it now especially if there aren’t too many of them.

my gp thinks i have a fair few, he said he found at least 6 on the cervix then he is sure there will be more. they arent huge, but at my age they can only get bigger i guess. i have read a fair bit on this just so i know what i should know before i go to england to get it checked out.
i am presuming i will have to have a hystroectomy in the end if not sooner, i am prepared for that. and will be ok with it if thats the case. i know if i am luck enough to have some time i will be try to concieve straight awauy (great as my bf lives in england i live in france.

its just not somehting i even thought about, i though when my gp said eh found a lump i though overian cancer or something serious like that. i know this is serious but not life thretening.

if i do have to h ave the hystroectome i may ask for a tummy tuck as well hehe

i would love to have another baby as much as i know im soooo luck to have my son i never wanted him to be an only child (i know there are other options, but its not the same).

I have no advice just a :hug:. Hope you get it sorted and feel better soon xxx

Like Rachejm said I have no advice but here’s a :hug:
We’ll keep you in our thoughts & prayers here

i went to the hospital last thursday to be told that my gp was way way off, the doc could see nothing at all wrong. i was told off for being 11lb over weight (i was shocked as i thought i was more over weight than that :woot: ).

i get the blood test results at some point this week, then get to go see my doc to get them in english. they are expecting anemia but thats it (i wasnt well when i went there).

i so i had a great few days away with ds and boyfriend (whos asked me to move in with him gulp lol).

thought i’d let you guys know that all was fine as you were all so great at making me feel better when my gp told me taht i may have a problem. also got told that i shouldnt have any fertility iossues either which is great to know.

anyway a huge thank you yet again guys :muah:

Great news! :cheering: Girly problems are such a pain in the…butt. :teehee:

Btw, 11 pounds overweight is nothing! That will be easy enough to lose if you so choose too. Good luck!!

I am so glad to hear that things are fine! The waiting can be the worst thing about the whole experience. :muah:

thank you guys. i am soo releved its unreal. my gp was sure it wasnt cancerous just thought no more babies.

i just have 2 more tests they want me to do overe here in france to be 100% sure but they are sure that everythings ok. huge relief

you guys are alazing. its so great to just be able to say soemthing to someone to just be able to talk about it openly