Central Park Hoodie

Knitting daily now has the Central Park Hoodie pattern available as downloadable PDF file. The size range has been expanded. I’m going to try starting this over the holidays. Anyone interested in a “knit along”?

I am definitely going to try to knit this is in the new year!

Thank you! I’d never have known that they’ve increased the size range. They’ve got two sizes above me, wow.

More pictures in extended sizes came in Knittingdaily today.

Discontinued Brand Name Yarns has Lambs Pride Worseted in new colors, I got Aran to start this over the Holidays.

I would have got it to join the knit-a-long but they don’t take Meastro. :grrr:

I purchased the download already with plans to start in 2008 but I have a Q. What other type of yarn would work? I live in South Florida and I don’t want or need anything [U]too heavy[/U].

Thanks in advance


I don’t know why you couldn’t do it in cotton, just check the gauge.

Now that I’ve finally been able to touch, feel, work with Malabrigo I’m going to use that. Why do they say the yarn gauge is n/a? Isn’t that really important?

A woman with more subtle charms up front

LOL, yeah, that’s me. Any more subtle and they’d not be there at all. I will be lengthing it by about six or seven inches so it covers all of my 6’1" frame from shoulders to mid-hip.

I, too, will be working on the Central Park Hoodie come January. I have just one question … the pattern only calls for one circular needle, to be used when adding the front border … but I don’t understand. You DON’T join in the round, so wouldn’t you need two long needles? Or is there something I’m missing? I’ve seen this in other patterns too, and it always confuses me. Thanks.

Using a circular needle just means you can have more stitches than what you could get on a straight needle. You can still knit flat with circular needles.

Agreed, if you see the number of stitches you are adding is pretty significant. I don’t have the pattern in front of me but I think you add the front border up one side, arond the hood and down the other. I don’t know if it would fit on a straight needle.

I’ve just looked on the pattern for my size and I need to have 387 stitches up the sides and the hood.

I’ve read that pattern several times, and think that it will be a great ‘long term’ and ‘learning’ project. My husband says that he’ll just clear the room every time I get it out. :teehee:

If you didn’t have that on a circular, you wouldn’t have enough space for all the stitches, and they would weigh down a straight needle even if they fit. This is why I love my Denise set, the cable can be any length I need.

When is the start date for this KAL? I won’t be able to start it till christmas day as I want to use my knit picks options for it.

Also, if you’re going up one front, around the neck, and down the other front, a circular’s a lot more flexible.

I’m not sure it matters when you start… I hope to start right around Christmas (I’m finishing up a sweater now and hope to be done SHORTLY).

Should we move this over to the KAL section and officially start a KAL???

yeah ok .