Central Park Hoodie - Short Row Shoulders?

Hi, I’m working on the back of my CPH and have come to the point in the pattern where it says to bind off for the shoulders. I’d like to try the short row technique for a smoother shaping rather than a traditional bind off. I’ve done some short rows for socks, but always follow the directions exactly as written so as to not make a mistake. Is there some way to convert this traditional bind off to a short row shaping? I’m working a size 44, so the directions say to “bind off 7 stitches at the beginning of the next 6 rows” Can someone help me with what to do? Thanks in advance!

On the row before you BO 7sts, stop 7 sts from the end, turn and knit the row, but stop 7 sts from the end. Turn and work the next row, stopping 7 sts before you turned previously. Keep going until you have 21 unworked sts on each shoulder, then bind off.