Central Park Hoodie Help

Central Park Hoodie
Looking for advice from any knitters who have made this sweater.
This is my first sweater and I am knitting the sleeves first (both at the same time). I am wondering if I am misinterpreting the instructions regarding inc. I was thinking that increases are typically completed on the RS of the knitting and the instructions say to do the increases on the 8th row both ends of needle (9 times for size 32). When row 1 is designated the RS, isn’t row 8 a WS row being an even number? I don’t understand why I am having a problem with this. I just want to make sure that I do it the correct way the first time.


You can do the first increase on the 7th or 9th rows, then every 8th row after that. One row more or less won’t matter, just make sure you do it the same on all the pieces.

Thank you so much for the input on the sleeve increases! I will get back to work on my sleeves!