Central Park Hoodie - Finished!

A few photos and details here, and the rest of the saga on my blog

Central Park Hoodie from KnitScene Fall 2006
Size: Knit in Med (size 36" bust)
Cast On: December 31, 2006
Cast Off: May 30, 2007

Yarn: Karabella Aurora 8 in Color #23
Purchased at Chix with Stixin Illinois (KellyK’s store!)
Needles: US8 for body, 7 for button band, 9 to cast off

Many thanks to my photographer hubby who got up early to help me catch the best natural light. All foliage and landscaping are courtesy of his handiwork!

It sure feels good to have a grown-up garment all my very own! :happydancing:

That looks fantastic–love the color!

Wow! That is beautiful. Great job!

that is amazing! great knitting and very nice pictures!!

It looks fantastic! Mine is sitting neglected on the backseat of my car. :pout: Stooopid tendonitis. :!!!:

That is absolutely stunning. Amazing work!

You did a fabulous job, great work on the cables. I love the colour.

You did a GREAT job!!!

great hoodie, i love the color :heart:

Wow! That is awesome!!

Beautiful color on you!!!

:muah:You did a super job on your sweater, it’s lovely! It looks great on you! :slight_smile:

That is really, really pretty! It looks fantastic on you!

Jamadian! [COLOR=blue][B]WHAT A BEAUTIFUL CARDIGAN!!![/B][/COLOR] So well-knit, perfect color choice! Thanks for sharing the photos! We just loves photos! :muah:

What a beautiful sweater! I love the color on you!

BTW…what did you mean in your blog that you would knit the fronts, back and hood in one piece? Is it knit from the bottom?

Wow, that is gorgeous! Great job!

Good grief, that’s awesome!

Great job. I love the color:cheering:

[COLOR=lime]This post’s swedish word/phrase: “Den är verkligen jättefin, Marce!” = “It really looks great, Marce!”

The CPH looks great!!! In itself and on you!

And you, as always, look great in your pictures. :hug: Thanks for sharing!

Beautiful! Great job!