Centered decrese line on hat


I haven’t been knitting all that long, probably a few months, but I’ve learned a lot.

I recently found a pattern that I LOVED on ravelry and took to knitting it; however, in both of that hats I’ve knit, the centered decrease line is not very centered and looks awful. I don’t know if I’m reading the chart wrong or what. I follow the pattern and every time it turns out like crud. I don’t know what else to do!

I’ll post the link as soon as I can.

And here’s post number two, so that I can post the link.

In what way does it look awful? Are the sts in the line twisted, does it lean the wrong way? To get the center line you have to do the double decrease correctly. Slip 2 sts as if to k2tog, k1, then pass the 2 sts over together. If you slip them separately you won’t get that nice centered decrease line.

You may just need to practice the double decrease. It’s a slip 2 together knitwise so slip the 2 sts as if you were going to knit 2 together but don’t bring the yarn around the needle. Knit the next st and then pass the 2 slipped sts over. Try is out on a swatch and maybe take a look at the k2tog on the Glossary page just to make sure you’ve got the beginning of that decrease.
It is a gorgeous hat, worth getting the decrease right.

aha! I figured it out! I was doing the stitch right (though it took a few tries).

Sorry I wasn’t very specific. It wasn’t lining up and ending up making an icky looking curve rather than a 3d line.

Anyway, I was being silly and thought that because I was using DPNs I didn’t need to think about where that bold center line was and that was what was making the stitches curve. They weren’t lining up because they were always off by a stitch! Silly me!

Thank you both for the help!