"center stitch" clarification please & color c

My first question of 2006! YAY!

I am working that shawl pattern and every other row, it calls for an increase after the 1st stitch, before and after the “center stitch” and then before the last stitch making those lovely eyelets. My last frogging was because I missed the center stitch by one and although subtle, it was driving me batty. SO, here’s the question.

In a pattern like this, will the center stitch ever change? Logically, it seems to me no, but me+knitting+logic=danger zone. This last frogging, I placed a ring marker before and after the center stitch and I think I can just leave them there the remainder of the project the way these increases work… Am I correct?

Also, is there a general rule about changing colors on RS or WS rows?


Wishing everyone the best year ever!

You’re all set with the center stitch. It won’t change and a marker or two are your best bet for keeping track.

It doesn’t really matter on what side you change the color. It only makes a difference if your right side has purls on it. When you change colors, the first row of purls stitches shows two colors, but if your purls are on the wrong side it doesn’t matter.

I noticed on some of my color changes the 2-color dash effect, which I really don’t mind, kinda neat actually, but just wasn’t sure which side was creating them.

Thanks so much for your help, Ingrid!!! I am definitely leaving those ring markers and wish I did it 50 rows ago! :wink: