Center Pulled Ball - Thanks Amy!

I made 30 small 25 yard balls of yarn for my Kids Knit group. I used the center pull method, but just started on my thumb instead of around my hand because of the small amount of yarn. They are SO round and cute and “real” looking. AND … it was QUICK! The kids are going to be thrilled!

We are going to do the learning part of our meeting in the Computer Lab and watch Amy’s how to video … Amy on the big screen! Then move to the library with our bean bags. The big kids will be paired with the little ones for the learning part … then I will help the little guys and the “tweens” can hang out and knit and chat.

Amy, I am going to purchase the DVD when it comes out … will I be able to show it to a group or will we need to stay with the web site? We are very careful to follow copyright rules :slight_smile: I have only been knitting a few months and I’ve learned SO much from your site. And now … I think EVERYONE should know how to knit :!: