Center pull ball

i wound my first center pull ball last night! :happydance:

all my thanks and appreciation go to of course. without the awesome video i would’ve thought i could ball up the hank w/o the back of a chair or wrapped around my knees and just figure i could leave it on the ground. and twenty minutes later i would have a tangled mess that i’d have to cut into smaller pieces to untangle… and then i would have probably wrapped the smaller pieces around water bottles… all while swearing and fighting back the tears. :wall:

… that’s what happened last time.

this time i went from this:

to this:

my first center pull ball! aside from my thumb turning blue it was a very satisfying and easy process all thanks to amy. :cheering:

… now i just have to figure out what to make with it. :??

Oooh - congratulations.

I have several “balls” of yarn that would benefit from this treatment - I just haven’t been brave enough yet.


Maybe I should do that today!

I use an empty effervescent tablets tube, something like 7" or 8", I put the end of the yarn between the tube and the cap so I can catch it later, I wrap the yarn around the tube and when it becomes a ball, I take the tube from the middle of the ball and there I have a center pull ball, the important thing to do is to wound a little tight but not as much as to kill the softness of the yarn :hug:

[color=indigo]An empty TP tube works well, too, as does a subscription medicine bottle. :happydance: [/color]

I thought the video made it really easy too. I got a couple hanks of malabrigo and even though I am too afraid to make anything with them yet, I did wind them into ball just so I could touch thema lot!

:cheering: Congratulations!

as for your thumb turning blue, i’ve found using a cardboard tube much easier (but a smaller tube is even better)

oops, wrong link. sorry:

wow, thanks. i’ll definitly be trying items that aren’t my thumb next time. =)

any reccomendations for items to use instead of a swift? for the ball in the picture i just put the yarn around my knees. it was fine at first but started putting some strain on my back towards the end.
i hear chair backs are good, but, most of my chairs are very narrow and the loop of yarn would probably just rest on the seat.

you may try your feet, they move better than your knees (never tried it myself, mom likes to help me winding) :hug: