Center pull Ball

First I want to thank you for the wonderful directions and videos on your site! The Center pull ball has made knitting so much easier.

My question is can I put 2 pieces of yarn together and make one ball for a double stranded item? I havn’t done this with the scarf I’m making now but I’m wondering if I can.

Thanks so much!

What is this center pull ball you speak of? Sounds like something I need to look into. :thinking: Are there instructions on this site for it?

center pull ball instructions. scroll down

yes you can do that but you have to remember that the ball is going to be much larger than with just the single strand!

I don’t see why you couldn’t wind it with 2 strands at once. Try it and see how it works. :slight_smile:

Go HERE to see how to wind a center pull ball. Scroll all the way to the bottom.

Thanks ladies I was thinking the same thing, I couldn’t think of a reason that I couldn’t do it. :thinking: :??

I know it will be bigger and that’s fine, I get the 2 wound around each other so much and it makes a mess.

I’d just be afraid the two strands would get all tangled up inside the ball. Has anyone tried it?

i wind strands together all the time. it all depends on the yarn. i have wound four strands together and it was a serious pain. in some instances i think winding into a regular ball, pulled from the outside, is better because it does stop the tangling. usually with two i haven’t had a problem though.

I wind two strands all the time for my Fibertrends clogs. I always ball the yarn first, since it requires two strands together. I’ve been having fun with two different colors at the same time lately- gives the pattern quite an effect!