Center Point Popover

Has anyone knit up this pattern? I am a beginner/intermediate knitter and have knit the front and back of this pattern but am completely baffled as to how to join the front and back together. I simply cannot understand how you can join these two pieces in the round.

Purl Soho have very good customer support. I’d send them an email.

Also, if you do a CRL+F (or whatever your computer needs to find words in your browser) on the word “join”, there are several questions and replies on this page:

It appears the pattern was updated to include better instructions for the join last year, so make sure you have the most recent version.

Normally I would look through Ravelry project photos to see whether there is one that shows the project in process, but there are a lot of projects.

Maybe this one will help:

You can search through them yourself here (click on the little arrow under each photo thumbnail to see the rest of multiple photos without having to go into each project:

Looks like a lot of other people were confused too at this point, by the way. I hope you can get some help from Purl Soho or the Ravelry photos.

Are you making the version with the hood or without?

A big thank you kushami for all your suggestions and links.

I am a Purl Soho fan and have used their customer service before with great success. I have not been able to get my head around the idea of knitting in the round for joining these two pieces, but think I have finally made the leap and can now proceed.

I am making the one without the hood this time, to see if I can manage the pattern and the challenge.

Thank you again for your help!

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