Celtic Tote (Row 56) - Not Making Sense?

So BEFORE row 56 we have 68 sts (29 ea for two cables, 8 sts between cables, and 1 st each edge - markers are one st in from edge - this is consistent with pattern instructions)

Row 56 of chart (a knit row): K1, ssk removing marker from between sts worked together, work in patt to last 3 sts, k2tog removing marker from between worked tog, k1–66 sts, 1 edge st, 28 cable sts each side, 8 sts between cables)

HERE’S my question. If I K1 then I’m already at my marker. Doing a ssk does not constitute knitting together 2 sts on either side of a marker. the marker is BEFORE the ssk, so do I remove the marker anyway OR keep that marker to separate the edge st from the body or am I, quite probably, just reading this ALL WRONG??? :zombie:

Please advise. MANY THANKS!

Alot of patterns call for one knit stitch (k on RS, p on WS) at the edge. And the decreases are worked one stitch inside the edge. I think it is to help with seaming.

I’d be more concerned with keeping the alignment on the cables. If there is plain stockinette worked before the cables, I’d put a marker before the first cable & after the last. That way, you know where they begin, regardless of the decreases at the edge.