Celtic lace design

I took another design and tweaked it to add beadwork… I plan on trying to come up with my own designs soon!

I have a couple more pictures on my website at http://www.dragonwingarts.com

I had to make it large to see the beads, but it’s really pretty!

It is lovely! The beads add such a nice touch to the lacework. And the colors are beautiful. What is your yarn? I tried to look at the pics on your website, but couldn’t access them.

It’s fleece artist merino in the rainforest colorway- I love it!

I [B]love[/B]the colors, & the piece itself is quite intriguing.

Just gorgeous!

That is a very interesting pattern! I just love how everything is coming together!

I absolutley ADORE this yarn color and it looks like it feels just scrumptios! The beads, while I’ve no clue how you put them on (I’m a newbie to anything “advanced”), are GORGEOUS! I just want to wrap that scarf around my neck right now!

Thanks for sharing your progress with us as well as revealing your type of yarn!

This is beautiful!!! The design and the yarn work so well together! The beading is awesome, too!


all you do is use a tiny crochet hook to grab the loop you want a bead on, slip the bead onto the stitch, and then knit that stitch- it’s actually pretty easy :slight_smile: there are several videos out there online to show you how to put beads into your knitting

Beautiful!!! Love your added touch of beads:cheering:

I posted in the main forum- i’m going to build a lacework tutorial, including a bit on how to add beadwork!

Super pretty colors, and it works so well with the lace pattern! Very tasteful and classy! Great work :woot: