Celtic knitting

hello i was wondering if anyone knew of some good sites to learn celtic knitting? i would love to learn how they do it on the aaran islands. i’m having a very hard time trying to find patterns or any tuts on it. thanks in advance to any responses:)

One thing that helped me immensely and got me back knitting with colors is… go to the bar across the top of this page, just above the KnitPicks Options logo and click on “Search” - the little magnifying glass between “New Posts” and “Quick Links”.

Now type in “Celtic Knitting”. Check out the discussions that come up. THen repeat and type in “Aran Knitting” and check out those discussions.

Repeat as often as you can think of terms you’d like to search on.

This forum is a gold mine! A wonderful place to start.


thanks dorothydot. shortly after i posted this i was trying to get some sleep and then thought about how i should have done a search before asking. you’ll have to excuse me, i’m a bit ditzy at times but i’ll blame it on being blonde.

You’re welcome.

And I strongly doubt you’re the only one who either doesn’t think of or doesn’t know how to use the “search” option.

It’s a good question.