Celtic Knitting Patterns

I’m making an IOU Christmas gift for my brother and I’d like to make something with a Celtic knot pattern. Can anyone suggest a web site or book. Thanks in advance.

Nadja xxx

Found [color=blue][size=6]this[/size][/color] after a few pages of searching…and I think I’ve seen something here on this site that was a REALLY cool interlocked design, but I can’t remember where it was…dang! :pout:

Good Luck,


Elsebeth Lavold’s Viking Knits book has some great designs

I really like the pretzel braid in the Irish Aran pattern here. (Scroll down to green sweater on left for free PDF.)

Thanks janelanespaintbrush and dplantlady those are great patterns and Eloewien thanks for the book I’ll definately look into that. I love cabling and the Celtic patterns are so cool.


Nadja xxx

I just made my sister a cabled scarf with the chart from Samus. It was a really fun cable to do, after a couple of pattern repeats I got to lose the chart because I could tell where all the cables were going.